Thesis Statements

Hello my name is Professor Andrew young and today we’ll be discussing how to create a rocking thesis statement in three easy steps.

So let’s get into it what is a thesis statement there are generally three parts to a great thesis statement part one the subject the subject is what you want to write about be sure to understand the assignment requirements in the audience that will help determine the subject and how specific you need to make the subject for the sake of discussion let’s say you’re writing an essay and your professor has asked you to write a three to five page paper on a topic of your choice where do you begin what should it be about.

Let’s do some brainstorming so what are you passionate about what sings to you is there an issue that concerns you how about a subject that you love let’s say after some noodling you wrote the word spores okay spores great I love sports too but it’s way too broad there are entire books written about a single issue within a specific swarm so let’s narrow it down some more what kind of sports baseball basketball football soccer let’s say you decide on football okay great football we’re getting a bit more specific still too broad what about football are you interested in the NFL college high school let’s say after some more brainstorming you arrive at the National Football League the NFL okay great but you’re too broad we need to think of something more specific what about the end of that is there a team is your issue is your controversy within the NFL let’s say after much consideration you decide on the Jacksonville Jaguars football team okay great now we have a more specific subject it’s fairly limited for a five-page argument invested now we’re ready for part two the position this is the fun part this is your opinion about this subject this is what you want to argue an assert something that is debatable something that justifies a discussion this is where you sound you’re barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world as Walt Whitman once in order to develop part to the position it’s important to create a question about the subject so let’s put that brainstorming hat back on what interests you about the Jacksonville Jaguars football team this year what fascinates you about them after some brainstorming let’s you let’s say you arrived at this question well the Jacksonville Jaguars win the Super Bowl this year boo great question.

Your answer to that question will develop the position of your thesis the argument before you answer the question you really need to reflect on it perhaps you want to research the Jaguars record their players their coaches they’re often sand offensive plays their competition get your finger on the pulse so what do you think after some brainstorming let’s say you arrive at this position although they finished last year’s NFL season with an average record the Jacksonville Jaguars are poised to win this year’s Super Bowl so what you have is a solid subject the Jacksonville Jaguars and a position they’re poised to win this year Super Bowl they’re gonna win it but you’re not done yet there’s one final part the blueprint readers like to know the reasons why for your position how exactly will you defend this position of the Jaguars winning the Super Bowl what are the reasons that’s where the blueprint comes into play no pun intended so how do you develop the group blueprint the key is to turn your position into a question why will the Jacksonville Jaguars win the Super Bowl.

Generally this blueprint takes the form of three strong points but not always some blueprints can be just one point or two points or many many points so what are the strongest reasons why will the Jacksonville Jaguars win the Super Bowl after some more thought and writing let’s say you think that the Jags greatest strengths this year are their season leadership dynamic offensive schemes and talented defensive players okay great now add everything together subject plus position plus blueprint although they finish last year’s NFL season with an average record the Jacksonville Jaguars are poised to win this year’s Super Bowl because of their seasoned leadership dynamic offensive schemes and talented defensive players Wow now that is a rockin thesis statement subjects plus position plus blueprint makes a solid thesis and the body of the essay okay so the body paragraphs will set out to defend this thesis statement specifically those three points though the blueprint you’ve created here’s one more final thought about thesis statements okay they are everywhere but not all thesis statements are created equally so the next time you’re on the brink of arguing or convincing or negotiating or persuading take a step back brainstorm some ideas and remember that the subject plus the position plus the blueprint will be your key success and that was professor Young’s lesson off disa statements as always keep on writing and asking questions.